Monday 10 January 2022

Good intentions

 Well I promised myself that I would try to be a little bit more active here so no big gap since my last post!

We’re still waiting for our “leader” to post prompts over at Colour me Positive but as she’d given us a couple of extra ones last year I’ve gone ahead with those. Here’s the first where I’ve used a piece from a course I did with Lally Mille

Art prompts galore 
Blue: I’ve scraped 5 different acrylic blues on my page
rubber stamping + gaming piece (dominoes),
Coffee or tea dyed (eyelash yarn) 
Something received in the mail (pale grey square of suede like paper)
Sticker: I liked the Matt/metallic border from some Happy Birthday strips and have used the waste strip from the side.

Life documented 

Colour me positive done in a Dyan Reaveley style using some goodies that I have.

I’ll share some of the dailies with you soon!

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Faces again

 Well I decided to take the faces theme on again using the Jane Davenport set that I have and stamped a large hand carved one in the centre. It still needed something so I added a face from an advert for an Edinburgh art gallery (red image) and printed out a small comment with my label maker that is edged in red. 

Time to catch up

 I was a bit of a slacker in December and forgot to post the final few journal pages for 2021 so here they are…

Life documented week 50

Week 51

Week 52

Colour me positive 49

Week 50


Week 52

Art prompts galore dailies continued through December and this year I’m hoping to be able to do more in a repurposed book that an American friend sent me, the weekly prompts that are more along the scavenger hunt style are also back after an absence which is great news…..
We had a warm up at the end of December where the required items were 
Person, numbers, acrylic paint applied with a brayer, tea or coffee stained item, triangles, security envelope pattern, fish, something metallic, pink, stash item.


Then there’s one for January 
Yellow, scrapbook paper,copper, junk mail, add paint with a credit card or similar, numbers, something related to music, something from your stash.

I’ll share the dailies when I have a full page.
In the meantime I will have to see if I can do another face page as I’ve got a handcarved stamp I fancy using.

Monday 3 January 2022


 A new year is upon us so I’m hoping that it’s going to be a good one for all as we try to move out of the Covid days. Time will tell if things are improving. 

Celebrations were quiet this year and I have been able to do some art journaling. 

I was pleased to see that there’s a “FACES” challenge across at Art Journal Journey so I’m jumping in with some Jane Davenport stamping .