Sunday 21 August 2016


It's almost time to pack our bags & head back to Scotland, after 6 weeks of glorious weather it's going to be tough!

We had a cool day on Thursday & a "damp at times" yesterday so I've got some of my journal pages done....

DLP - self portrait 

I managed to find an old ID picture so it got called into service.... Along with a crazy flamingo!

Then this weeks PAC not yet done but the page it will go on is ready and I've done my list 10 (places you would like to have been in the past)

Journal 52: anything goes

Bill just happened to pick up an advertising flyer and when I saw it it reminded me of a book from my early days at the French school in Libya called "la chèvre de Monsieur Seguin" by Alphonse Daudet, a favourite at the time.....

Art prompts galore 
34. Use a napkin //Scavenger: Yellow-something that starts with an R-3 Circles-some torn pieces of patterned paper-an embellishment of some sort-4 pieces from your scrap box-something you recently recieved in the mail-something from a newspaper-some "confetti" or pieces from a paper punch 

The confetti was thrown at me by kids on the floats at the local fete on monday!

Last but not least we have our inchie which this week is Dolphins- these ones have been up to mischief and their noses look a bit too odd for my liking but I've decided to live with it!

Wednesday 17 August 2016


Journal 52 was a choice between poetry & limericks this week so my best buddy Google provided some inspiration....cheeky inspiration at that because most limericks are!

And I thought I'd share moments from the fête in Colmars 

A large furry friend aged 3!

Valentin the bear....a movie star in his spare time, he was bred in captivity in Texas and loves strawberry flavoured marshmallows!

The woodwork gang are in town this weekend so will be hoping for more pictures and then the holiday will almost be over :-(

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Art Prompts

Our latest list to work from for week 33 at art prompts galore:Starts with F / SCAVENGER : Red, Lines, Shapes cut from book pages, Drips of paint or ink, 3 diamonds ,A doodle or zentangle, 2 magazine cut outsA rub on or stickerA cartoon image, Something that starts with Y

I've got red (strawberries/ label / heart / feather 
Shapes cut from book pages house, feather & jigsaw piece
Diamonds in the shape of stencilled pattern & also some drawn ones
A doodled heart
2 magazine cutouts- the cow & the strawberries
Cartoon image. Cow
Stickers alphabet letters 
Something that starts with Y You!

A truly silly page :-D

Saturday 13 August 2016


There are not many fjords around will find ravines & plenty of jagged mountains though, the nearest to a fjord around here would be the "calanques" down near Cassis....

I had the pleasure of visiting friends in stavanger many years ago now & we went on a boat trip up to Leisefjord & saw the famous "pulpit" rock as we steamed up through the fjord...not a destination for me as I've no head for heights!   I'm using an old map piece for my inchie this week, part of some happy mail from a couple of years ago, just goes to show that you never know when something will come in handy!

No journal pages to share at the moment as I've been far too busy flouncing around in my mediaeval dress this weekend!

The lady with the beautiful hand painted boxes, coffers & travel writing desks has been visiting us again...

See you all again soon....

Last night

It's a busy weekend in the valley....medieval time at Colmars....we went down for dinner last night and had an unexpected visitor in the flowers near our table.....

A beautiful hummingbird moth! Impossible to get a photo as it moves far too fast so I've got this image from Google....

Tuesday 9 August 2016


I'm all caught up again with my journal pages:-D

Art prompts galore 

Journal 52 32. Opposites attract// like minded


Add a border to your PAC 

Use 2 stencils

Collage PAC - I just happened to have a Kraft PAC with a collage definition on it!

My next job....transfer photos from iPad to laptop to free up some iCloud space!!!!

See you again soon :-)

Saturday 6 August 2016

Colour me positive

respond to every call that excites your spirit (rumi)// tell us what excites your spirit is our latest challenge and I've used the words from a pendant that a very dear friend gave me years ago 
"Live. Love. Laugh" there is a common L and the O is a small diamond 

This was another pre prepared background using pine needles, cracked pistachio, evergreen bough, iced spruce.

I love these colours that remind me of the ocean hence the pictures from my stash of shells & sea, as well as adding flowers and a puppy....who can resist a puppy! I've used some stickers that I coloured & stamped ages ago....they are no longer very sticky so I shall have to seal them down when I get home.

And then I was full of good intentions for....
Art Prompts galore 
Beige and Peach (orange). SCAVENGER:PURPLE,STARS,STAMP PAINT WITH RANDOM HOUSEHOLD OBJECT,3 IMAGES CUT FROM BOOKS OR MAGAZINES,GAME PIECE,HANDS,BLING, FLOWER. ,SOMETHING CUT FROM JUNK MAIL,RANDOM LETTERS, RANSOM NOTE STYLE (spell out something and even Journal 52.... Yeah! Well that didn't happen! Yesterday I was distracted by wonderful weather & today we went down the valley to a yarns & silks fair....wonderful knitwear/ woven clothing/ died yarns  as well as "artisans without stores" that did gorgeous jewellery, handbags, leather slippers, felted ones too....I behaved & only got a small shawl's worth of yarn/pattern included. 

Which means that I can only share the latest inchie which this week is a whale....

A very happy looking Moby Dick!....