Friday 6 November 2020

A new month and I’m still here

 We’ve got pictures...

From Colour me positive week37

Life documented week 42 

It’s the continuous line foliage that get used!

And week 43 where we had to find unexpected art...

Mine was in a piece of mop up paper

Colour me positive weeks 38 & 39

Another life documented that’s a seasonal one....
I managed to use some of the stickers that have been hiding (in cobwebs?)

I also signed up for a free course with Laly Mille that was based on collage

First up was selected papers/ textures in a scrapbook 

Then we made mini landscapes, I did 2 lots of 4 in an attempt to get to grips with the way of working!

I tweaked the second batch by adding some stamping!

We then went on to make a bigger piece and I do not normally do big!

15” x 15” is huge for me!

This time we were basing it on a grid system...and I felt much happier with this one.

I’m still working on mixed media postcards, altered playing cards, whacky holidays and doing more experimental recipes so there’s no time to be bored!

And yesterday we received a “care” package from my stepdaughter...3 family sized bags of Crunchy Cheetos and some T-shirts

Bless her!