Sunday 27 September 2020

I’m still alive....and kicking!

 For a year where we have more or less been stuck at home I certainly don’t seem to have been keeping my blog up to date! It’s certainly not been for lack of arting about however.

I’ve got 2 life documented pages

This week we are to use a gelli plate and mask/stencil 

Much fun was had using the selection of small tubes of acrylic paint that I inherited from my friend Linda and I decided to experiment with distress oxide inks too as one of the layers!

As mine is only 5”x5” I have cut up the design and used it across the top and bottom of my page.

The week before we were asked to use an old piece of work and copy it to then cut out & use in a different way, I’ve made a load of smooshed ink backgrounds recently so I just used some of the scraps and a rubber stamp then layered up some flowers. I did my quote using a Dymo Letratag machine.

I continued to use the labeller for the Colour me positive page...

Then this week’s 

I’ve also done a few more wacky holidays

Decorated some more stones for the mural that is to be done in the village

Done some labels for my ink pads.....

And on top of that I have made another dozen cotton masks as it is looking like we are definitely going to be wearing them for quite a while yet! Seasonal colours selection from my patchwork scraps - I knew I’d have a good use for them lol.

The snow has started to arrive in our little corner of France and I’m quite glad that it’s not the case here in Scotland as it’s seemed plenty cold enough of late, add to that the shorter days and it’s certainly starting to look like autumn has well & truly got it’s feet under the table. Just need some fabulous colour foliage now seeing as we are not going to be in New England this year but I don’t hold out too much hope as so much around here is pine or larch and not much deciduous other than beech, birch & rowan. It’s those maples that look so good on a hillside in the sunshine.

Enough gloom on the news what with lockdowns and covid tests and threats of Christmas being cancelled.....stay safe and positive, make art when you can and as Bob Ross says “as long as you are learning, you are not failing”!

See you soon...

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Where have I been? Warning....contains pictures!

 Sorry.....I’m not sure where I have been but certainly not away!

We had a day out recently to the Linn ‘o Dee ......

For those of you that don’t know the area, it’s just beyond Braemar and Balmoral where the queen spends her summer holidays, she was still up here when we visited but, like many, she’s lying low to avoid COVID 19.

I’ve have some more inky play....

The new Crackling Campfire was involved with this one.

I’ve done some wacky holidays pages...

Some journal pages...

Colour me positive 

Life documented 

Art journal journey 

Life documented 

Colour me positive 

I’ve joined an altered card deck challenge, not swapping them though and I’m aiming to use some of my underused stamps for this as well as some scraps. I’ve yet to decide on the backing...

The organiser set the themes.

I’ve made more cards....

More coins got used on these...

Some painted stones for the Banchory Rocks project...

More coins....

A couple of those “oh so difficult “ bereavement cards

So there you have it....picture heavy answer to where I’ve been!

I promise I will try to get to visit you soon.