Sunday 16 October 2022

Catch up with some more

 Yes I am glad to see you guys here checking out what is new…. In a random order because that’s how they uploaded!

Life documented 27

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Colour me positive 31

Colour me positive 28

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Life documented 25

Life documented 29

Colour me positive 33

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Life documented 31

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Colour me positive 30

Life documented 34

Colour me positive 34

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Life documented 35

Life documented 26

So, having been away for another month, I still have catching up to do with these 2 groups as well plus I needed to work on my “add an item a day” for September and also get started on the October one!

Thanks for visiting….


 I apologise for my long absence- I did some journal pages during my visit to France this summer but as I didn’t take a lot of stash with me I had to play catch-up on my return! That return only lasted 3 weeks before we went to see the family over in Maine for the first time in 3 years. 

Here are the Art Prompts Galore pages I have done Scrapbook paper/ purple/ ink from any source other than ink pad/ thread, fibre or yarn/ add texture/ triangles/ add gems or sparkle: item of your choice/ postage stamp 

Security envelope pattern/ form or piece of form/ something repetitive/ circles/add punch outs/ flower/ item of your choice 

Stamp with a random object/ add glitter/ image transfer/ something repetitive/ something from your stash/ add a pocket/ words 

Paint swatch/ ink from any source except an ink pad/ numbers/ dangles/ something tea or coffee stained/ grey/ something exotic/ brown paper bag/ random embellishment 

Background of your choice/ add something with wings/ a quote/ blue/ postal ephemera/ splatter paint/ add paint with credit card edge 

Sewing ephemera/ watercolour paint/ diecut/ cupcake wrapper/ torn book pages/ rubber stamp/ silver / image transfer 

Brown paper bag/ paint through a stencil/ punch outs/ flower/ circles/ dots/ gems or sparkle 

Item of your choice/ orange/ letters/ butterfly/ junk mail/ something from your stash/ postage stamp/ masking tape 

Numbers/ circles: cupcake wrapper/ dots/ red: random embellishment: smear paint with a credit card: image transfer 

Crumpled tissue paper/ lines/ postal ephemera/ apply paint using plastic wrap/ Washi tape/ words/ napkin/ insect 

Background of your choice/ doodles/ sewing ephemera/ something curved/ postage stamp/ something botanical/ masking tape/ dots 

So that’s what I have got for that group! Still more to do to get up to date however so I shall get to those ASAP….