Wednesday 29 July 2015

News from abroad

We have been having some glorious weather & enjoyed outings

Along the local river (Verdon)

The main road lies above us

A drive over the mountains to a valley where I used to spend weekends staying with a girlfriend from boarding school - yes, I was lucky enough to grow up in this beautiful area....


Place Manuel

A modern sundial

Bailey had a blast at the restaurant, got loads of attention & treats (not all from me either!)

We stopped for a cold drink at the refuge at the top of the mountain on our way back home...
The cows were just out of sight but we could hear their bells and the marmottes were whistling in the distance....
It was lovely sitting up there with a breeze blowing!

Today we have some cloud and I'm catching up on some journal pages for POSITIV JOURNAL

What resources you
Lunch on a shaded patio with friends, a walk in the forest, a cold bottle of Fizz, a good book, a summer scent, cold water & a swim in the pool

These were both done with pictures from the local paper weekend supplement & the Ubaye Valley what's on brochure.

See you all again soon :-)

Sunday 26 July 2015


A happy colour for me! It's also our new challenge at every inchie Monday.

I spent the afternoon of Sunday under blue skies, a big sun shining down and my sunshine yellow parasol giving me shade when required...bliss!

Here are my shares for this week
A shell & brads for my inchie

A happy mail background with some added black dots and a yellow hand button!

Wishing you all sunny days....

Saturday 25 July 2015

Rudolph day

High summer and I came away prepared with some Christmas cards I made earlier....
I won't brag about what a beautiful day it's been because I know that it's not been the case everywhere, I did however have to sit through 2 hours of an exceedingly boring residents association meeting! Thank god it's over for another year.

Back again soon - I'll try & get photos of the bake house tomorrow where they only fire up the old village oven once a year, it's the source of exceedingly good bread :-)

Thursday 23 July 2015

Busy in the valley

Our weather held for the Tour coming through 

The publicity caravan

The racers

Last weekend was the soapbox Derby 
And now it's time to recoup, catch up on some art and wait for the horse festival at the beginning of August, hope you are enjoying this little "aper├žu" of summer in the Alps .....

Thanks for visiting

Monday 20 July 2015

Journal pages

July theme ephemera
Week 27: old maps/letters/tickets & more
Week 27: life with a history 

Journal 52 mail art

Happy mail, scraps, postage stamps, stamp stickers

And in the village (La Foux d'Allos) the excitement is building 

The boys in the bar have got their shirts!
The camping cars have started to arrive....

Top of the col....

See if you spot us on the TV at the entrance to the village - should be live around 3pm GMT

Sunday 19 July 2015


What a week! We are both a year older in this household & celebrated both occasions with my dad & brother as well as friends.

I've started one journal page, I made the most of the fact that my brother was away from the computer on the dining table - he was getting painterly with the window frames:-)

My inchie /ATC share for this week

Solar power inchie

This reminded me of an electricity reading!

I have been taking pictures of the local preparations for the Tour de France coming through on Wednesday 

This was taken from our moving car as we went to the local railway station last night....a bit blurred!

The primary school at Colmars les Alpes

I'll be back again soon....

Monday 13 July 2015

July 14

It's Bastille day here in France and we have been in our chalet for 5 days! It was a relief to get here as I had to drive the 1084miles myself....and boy is it hot!
It's great to catch up with friends that we've not seen for a year, they all want to know why Bill is going around with his arm in a sling & seem amazed when I say that he's had a new shoulder fitted.

My blog has been quiet & I apologise for not visiting/commenting of late, this has been due to the fact that we had no internet when we got here! I promise I'll be popping over to see all your lovely works as soon as possible.

As its a new week and a new theme noses over at every inchie Monday I'm posting mine here....

And ATC 
Had a fun time thinking this one up!

TFL & I'll visit soon!

Tuesday 7 July 2015


A new week and I'm far from my workroom.....melting in central France in fact but I have an inchie & ATC to share....

 Free stamp

And an old thread bobbin

In sunny colours for a sunny day!

Friday 3 July 2015

Moo mania

A quick post....

The anything goes moo that I forgot to post/link

And the current curls & swirls one

Hope everyone is enjoying some summer at long last! 

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Packing list

Positiv Journal want to know what we are taking with us on our holidays to journal with....

Kraft pages, black marker,assorted felt pens.

Now back to the packing!