Sunday 29 May 2016

A new beginning

Friday... I managed to make my page for colour me positive 

Then Saturday we had some summer weather....I spent time in the garden....worried about my dad who got carted off to hospital at lunchtime .....

Sunday morning I called the hospital & was fortunate enough to be able to speak with the duty doctor....
The news was not good!

A couple of hours later I had my fears confirmed- dad had slipped away to join my mum, 2 years & 2 days apart...he missed her is Mother's Day in France so I'll have to forgive her for calling him to her side.....

Needless to say, no art has been done! I'm heading to France & hoping the strikes don't play havoc with my travel plans.

My inchie is made & I shall leave you with this last item....

I'll see you when I see you, I'll be off grid for about a week once I'm over there so forgive me for any lack of commenting.

Sunday 22 May 2016

New pages

A couple of the dictionary challenge pages to start off...
A...Ape and fossilised Amber, brown inks & a touch of White Uniball pen

Art prompts galore 
Blue and Black //Scavenger list:stripes,blue paper,3 stickers,a dragonfly or ladybug, a flower,a quote,circles,A triangle,Tape - I actually managed to include the whole lot this week!
The dragonflies actually have sparkly wings as I painted them with tattered Angel glimmer gloss.

Journal 52: stitched or unraveled

I have used a piece that was a sample I made ages ago! I painted some splotches onto Kraft paper, crumpled it & then rubbed with antique gold gilding wax, the paper has felt behind it and then I stitched.

Top left is perlé thread that's been machine stitched to create a cord & then knotted before being couched onto the paper,
Top right is more of the same cord that has been laid down in a spiral.

In the centre is a copper washer with a dark metallic bronze yarn couched down around the outside. At the centre of the copper washer is a smaller one that has been stitched using buttonhole stitch.

To either side are wrapped pieces, left one is wood, on the right its thick cord that I've held in place with painted pelmet vilene & stitches.

Along the bottom is a band of plaited cords like I used in the 2 top ones, then I've used short lengths of pale gold purl purl (a metal coiled wire used in traditional goldwork)

DLP: list 10 songs that make your feet move / PAC use gelli circle stickers

I struggled to get the list manageable! Too many to choose.....

So I used that thought to write some words on my PAC 

Then we move on to my inchie button

This was quite hard to photograph!

No colour me positive page done yet as its been a busy weekend so I'll have to see what I can produce tomorrow.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Dictionary pages

I just realised that these pages have never been seen on here!

Q- Quartz paper artsy stamp

 L-lace stencil, assorted lace stamps

F- fashion doodle border & Acid Drop & Whatnot stamp

G- game invoke stamps

R- Rabbit jennifer Ellory free stamp 

Had an outing the Grampian Transport Museum so no crafting.....

Sunday 15 May 2016


What summer? It all came to a crashing end on Thursday night!

Friday was a return to cold winds/ grey skies so I've been able to get on with my journals lol.

Art prompts galore is just a collage
Three //pick one colour you have not yet used and apply in any way you see fit
stamping with paint or ink using random household object,security envelope pattern piece,three random words cut from newspaper or magazine,image from childrens book,funny money (monopoly or other game money, arrows,something from a recent trip
The underlined are the only bits I missed out.

Colour me positive 
wisdom begins in wonder // use bubbles

It's hard to believe that this page started out as almost totally yellow, stamped scallop shells & distress EP along the top, seaweed at the bottom are both from Stampington clearly impressed (8482)
The bubbles are Paper Artsy, the octopus & seahorse are Chocolate Baroque 

Journal 52
 Food with a face // what feeds you
Scraped acrylic/stencilling & paper scraps laid out in the style of a face!

Dare 2 B /PAC using underpaper 

And let's not forget that it's also time to show you my latest mini morsel....this week the inchie is 3D

Happy mail has gone out (3 envelopes) and another required for Sweden - it will be interesting to see what comes in!


Tuesday 10 May 2016

Up and at it

Up early this morning....all to get Bill to ARI I time for his small op.....turns out there was hardly a car o. The road ! On my return home I finished my journal 52 page friends/furry friends - bonus use flowers 

But I finally screwed up! It's in the wrong book!!! Oops! Never mind, we will just have to live with it.

The garden beckoned as summer is still alive and well in northeast Scotland so that was the end of today's efforts on the craft front.

I rang the hospital after lunch for news of Bill - despite it being a day op we fully expected him to stay in overnight but NO, he was available to collect so I toddled off to Aberdeen & then spent 2 hours waiting for him to be released! End result was that the whole excitement of getting in & back out again ahead of the rush hour was an absolute failure. All in all I spent 4.15 hours out instead of what should have taken a grand max of 1.30 :-(

So no more delights to share tonight, I received another lot of happy mail today, this time destined for the "glue book" so watch this space....

Monday 9 May 2016


Progress has been very limited today as we had our second day of summer! Not sure if it's last years, this years or even next years summer but I'll take whatever I can get.

I received some happy mail on Saturday and this lovely notebook was included....

Meanwhile I did a bit more to my journal page....

All the stamping of flowers was done with free stamps, I coloured the top & bottom daisy style ones with some white acrylic & the centres are done with paint on the bottom ones & pencils on the top ones. The smaller ones along the very bottom ate stamped with blue ink, yellow posca centres.

Maybe I'll get more done tomorrow but that will depend on the weather!

See you soon.

Saturday 7 May 2016

Journal time

A cloudy Saturday meant I was able to continue what I started on Friday for art prompts galore where the following was our prompt:


Your Scavenger Hunt Journal List for May 6-12 is:

3 squares
an image or drawing of something white
a flower
something from space
a creature from the sea
patterned paper
black ink 
Here's what I created....
I haven't used the square background block in many a moon!

My thoughts had to turn to another challenge at journal 52: balance (bonus add a feather) and it went a bit crazy to say the least! I wanted to show the good things in my life balanced against the not so good/ less liked!

I started by making a list & then wrote subjects on feathers diecut from more of my mop-up scraps.

I stamped onto acetate to create jars....the stamping failed in so far as it was a bit faint & my Stazon was totally dried up :-( but hey-ho, sharpie to the rescue....
And here's how the page ended up...complete with JOY-O-METER!

I made a start on another page but as summer finally happened on Sunday I was mainly in the garden so this is as far as I got...

And my inchie...Brain! Yes it's a bit much for an inch I agree but I ros to the occasion...

Well, enough taxing my brain for now....I'm going to see what sleeping brings me in the way of inspiration for DLP this week!

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Cinco de Mayo

It's the 5th of May & a celebration day....

Here are some typical images from Google....

As my ATC box is almost empty I thought it was an ideal reason to use a couple of Hampton Art stamps/die that I purchased in the USA last autumn & also christen one that came free with a magazine.

Sugar skulls .....

I decided to keep 2 & put them in a journal!


This is a quiet month on the card production front....several friends on Facebook but they only get wishes not cards, my ex sister-in-law (today), my dad next week, there were 2 anniversaries (in-laws & parents) sadly those are no longer required.

Today saw me finish my dads card ready to mail off to France 

Thanks to Tim Holtz I have a stamp of a gentleman with a moustache to rival my dad's!