Saturday 30 April 2022

Add an item a day

 April add 1 item a day

  1. Scrapbook paper 6x8
  2. A light coat of gesso
  3. Apply one colour of paint in 2-3 small areas. Used pale blue hobbycraft 
  4. Choose a second colour of paint and apply it to 2-3 more small areas. (Pink)
  5. Apply a third colour 
  6. Apply a light coat of watered down white paint with glitter or pearl essence added. (Or sprinkle a tiny bit of glitter on the white paint while it is wet)
  7. Apply some paint to 2-3 small areas and remove some through a stencil.(light green)
  8. Repeat with another colour and another stencil.(mid green)
  9. Apply another colour of paint to any remaining areas and again, remove some through a stencil. (Orangey red)
  10. Using any technique you wish, (brush, stencil, spray, etc) apply some paint to achieve a desired result.(black)
  11. Glue down some random (2-3) small pieces of torn book pages in a few spots
  12. Glue down some (2-3) coloured torn paper in a few spots
  13. Glue down a piece or pieces of a paper doily.
  14. With your fingers or a brush, apply some paint sparingly in a few areas.
  15. Use a random household object to stamp some dark paint in some areas
  16. Apply some light or white paint sparingly in a manner of your choice.
  17. Using a stamp and ink, apply as desired.
  18. Add a napkin or pieces of a napkin.
  19. Add a repetitive pattern (drawn, stamped, punch outs, etc)
  20. Add dots (punchinello, stencil, anyway you choose) 
  21. Add circles (cut out, drawn, stickers, stamped or whatever)
  22. Add some stars (stickers, stencil, punch out, etc)
  23. Apply some black paint using the side of a credit card or piece of cardboard.
  24. Spray on some ink or paint.
  25. Add some glitter, foil or bling.
  26. Add a leaf or leaves. 
  27. Add a flower or flowers 
  28. Add one or more butterflies, dragonflies or similar.
  29. Add a word or words.
  30. Complete your art in any way you desire. (Ink the edge, add some highlights or lowlights, etc)
I started on scrapbook paper (the darker version) bit decided that I would need a firmer base so went with card and continued to add daily on both pieces

We will be starting a new challenge tomorrow!

Friday 29 April 2022

Scavenger pages part 2

 As promised….


I amazed myself that I was able to combine all the daily prompts with the scavenger ones!

Thursday 28 April 2022

Dailies and scavenger combined this month

 I’ve been busy despite covid…’s the list of daily prompts and scavenger daily prompts 

And here are the first half of the month!

I shall bring you the other half soon!

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Almost May!

 My good intentions upped and went it would seem.

So without further waffle….

Life documented has involved butterflies this month:

Whilst Colour me Positive has seen an array of quotes….

And we continue doing scavenger weekly prompts at Art Prompts Galore

Lines, random embellishment, add gems or sparkle, junk mail, vintage or vintage looking image, blue, squares, sewing ephemera 

Smear paint with a credit card, something from your stash, something exotic, add glitter, form or piece or a form, dots, use a gelli plate or similar.

Purple, circles, paint through a stencil, add something metallic, crayon rubbing, security envelope pattern, add something with wings.

I’ll share the daily/scavenger pages soon, I managed to get them finished early as I have spent a lot of time at home….Covid finally got me!