Wednesday 27 December 2017

Getting organised

Art prompts galore 

DEC. 18-24: RED// SCAVENGER: blue , silver or gray, something from a recent purchase, a piece of giftwrap, rubber stamping, a bit of ribbon or trim, circles, 3 inspiring words, stars, an image of your choice

I still have the final scavenger spread to complete but as I'm off out this afternoon celebrating a friend turning 55 it won't happen today!

Journal 52

Week 51 Release: 

Set free from restraint. Let go. Relief or deliverance from sorrow, suffering, or trouble. The state of being freed. Synonyms: Emancipation, liberation, unbinding, unchained, unfettered. Prompt: Consider what you’d like to release and leave behind. Create a spread that expresses the sense of relief and release you might feel when you let go.

Oracle: What needs to be released? What are you most wanting to let go of? What might come about if you release control, expectations, what no longer serves you, or what binds you?

Week 52:

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Synonyms:need, passion, thirst, wish, yearning, admiration, ardor, attraction.

Prompt: Create a spread that expresses your desires for next year. This could be about what you want to let go of or what you want to invite in. Be bold in stating what your wants and needs are. Oracle: What is your relationship with desire? What do you desire the most? What direction are your desires propelling you in?

Journal 52 ceases to be a free group in the new year so I'm going to be dropping this one after participating for the past 4 years & 1 change of organiser....we shall see if I find another to takes it place. I chose to leave positiv journal because I was not keen on the format and DLP was dropped by the 4 organisers and then reinvented as Life Documented.... that's the way life is!

Art journal journey 
Week 51
Image: needle and thread. Word: repair. Prompt: a motto to live by. Technique: incorporate sewing in your page or add fabric. Quote: no need to fix what god has already put his brush on.

Week 52

Image: suitcase/backpack/bag. Word: travel. Prompt: write about places you want to visit. Technique: use staples on your page or additions. Quote: not all who wander are lost. Tolkien

That closes this section for 2017!

Life documented 

Week 51:

The theme for the month is FESTIVE!

Theme:  Festive

Prompt:  To add 'Sparkle' to your page in whatever way you desire!

Technique: Use paints and other supplies to make your page “sparkle”

Quote: don't let anyone dull your sparkle 

WEEK 52 with Randi Kollhoff North. Prompt: Work small - create a small card or tag that can be inserted into your art journal, planner, etc. Technique: Use paint, markers, collage, stamps, etc. to layer – this will add depth and variety to your small piece. Quote: “Have yourself a merry little Christmas (holiday)…” lyricist Ralph Blane

The only way this journal is going to stay closed is with a belt around its middle!

My journals are not on a diet! Nor am I for that matter unless the orthopaedic consultant says I need to be, it's certainly not that I eat a lot but rather a case of excess art in stead of sport but in the current weather situation I would definitely rather be indoors lol.

 May I wish each and every one of you a wonderful new year full of joy, health & happiness, I promise to keep coming round and visiting your blogs as well as leaving comments in 2018 - my thanks for all the visits & comments that you've all been kind enough to leave.

Happy 2018!!!!!

Friday 15 December 2017


Journal 52

PEACE - Quiet and tranquility. Freedom from disturbance, war or violence. Calm.

Synonyms: Tranquility, restfulness, quiet, peacefulness, order, harmony, non-violence, concord. Prompt: Create a spread that explores the role peace plays in your life. Are you at peace? Are you a peacemaker? How does peace feel in your body? Oracle: Where is peace needed in your life? Where can you act to create it? Is there enough of it? How can you create more?

Art prompts galore 

DEC 11-17: CONNECTIONS//SCAVENGER:yellow, blue, a label off something, something round, a piece of a textile, a piece of scrap paper, an image, text, black ink

Colour me positive 

Christmas is too sparkly! said no one ever 

And our very last ever inchie is goat

Well, the big boy in red has called and has been very generous in our house so I hope that every one of you also got your hearts desire .

Watch out with all that food that's in the fridge....not wanting to be on a diet come the first of January!

I'm itching to get into my craft room....

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Number 12

I can't believe that this is the last tag from Linda at

I confess that I appear to have gone way off track with this one!

Mainly it was the strip of decor at the bottom that is responsible....I remembered that I had some tinsel from Tim Holtz and it had not seen the light of day in ages so it was time to remedy that situation.

A sheet of 6x6 that I liked but had not found an excuse to use, and what deer stamp would get put into action? The little bird, a waxwing, made me think flying....and thus Santa & his reindeer flying through the skies in the very near future! What fun it would be to be able to hire them some night and go through the Milky Way lol.

So here's my final entry for the competition sponsored by

And here's an "up close" of the tinsel!

Monday 11 December 2017

Number 11

And it's time for the penultimate card of this seasons tags from Linda over at and this her tag for the challenge...

For mine I've gone with another square white base card,some free papers: the background. Band & die cut holly leaves all came from the same pack then I added a gold shape I had for mounting the deer on & added the circular greeting over the holly leaves.

Remains to link this to Linda's blog for the challenge that her shop kindly sponsor.

Number 10

Well I confess that I've had a hard time with this one!

And eventually I managed to make a version of my own using a pinkish card with silver stencilled chevrons (embossing powder), A silver wreath diecut from mirri card, a diecut deer and some small lilac pearls.

So I shall be linking to the challenge that's sponsored by Linda's shop

Saturday 9 December 2017


Life documented 

Prompt: Baby, it's cold outside

Technique: Use some thread (or fabric)

Quote: Hot Chocolate, Cold Snow, Warm Sweaters, Bright Lights, December...

Art journal journey 

Image: gift. word: generosity. Prompt: write about a time when someone helped or serve you. technique: use yarn for printing or use yarn on your page. Quote: generosity isn't an act it's a way of life. Chip Ingram 

Colour me positive 

Some days I amaze myself, other days I put the keys in the fridge

I so wanted to write Freezer on this one as it's something that my mum actually did one night!

And our inchie is wolf

Hope you are all weathering the cold snap ok....see you all soon....

Monday 4 December 2017


Journal 52

SHINE: Give out a bright light. Be very talented or perform very well. A quality of brightness. Synonyms: Gleam, luster, sheen, shimmer, sparkle, luminosity, radiance.

Prompt: Create a spread that celebrates the areas of your life in which you really shine, or a spread that celebrates the things that are ‘shiny’ in your life. Oracle:
What areas of your life need your light? Where could you shine? Who shines brightly for you? How do you shine brightly for others? What needs to be illuminated?

REFLECT:To cast back light, heat, sound, etc. from a surface. To give back or show an image. To mirror. To think, ponder, or meditate. Synonyms:Echo, mirror, emulate, shine, ponder, contemplate, consider. Prompt: Create a spread in which you reflect on the year that’s passing. Include a list of important events or accomplishments that you are proud of. Consider what happens when you reflect on your life. Alternatively, create a spread about reflections or reflective surfaces. Oracle:What could be gained by a period of reflection? What aspects of your life are calling you to reflect? Where are you acting as a mirror? Who is mirroring you?

Colour me positive 

Art is one of those things we simply must do so that our spirits may grow.

Art prompts galore 

DEC. 4-10 OPPOSITES// SCAVENGER: a bright colour of your choice, a dark colour of your choice, scrap paper, lace or trim, stamping with ink, circles or similar marks with paint, an image of your choice, 3 words, edge doodles, something from your stash 

Life documented 

Week 49:

The theme for the month is FESTIVE!

Prompt: Make an envelope or envelopes

Technique: Print on them, gelli them, collage them, paint them

Quote: It's the most wonderful time of the year

And amazingly, I am up to date and no prompts coming through now until Friday!

Saturday 2 December 2017


Art prompts galore 

NOV. 27-DEC. 3: SPARKLE AND SHINE//Scavenger: Pink, green, something round, something you got in the mail, an image from a book or magazine, numbers, three or four words, ink, an embellishment, something from your stash

Art journal journey 

Image: food. Word: nourishment. Prompt: what are three things you want or need to buy. Technique: include a food label from your fridge or pantry. Quote: don't feed your fears nourish your ambitions.

Image: Time Machine or Time Capsule. Word: time. Prompt: write about a favourite song from your childhood or describe a favourite childhood memory. Technique: use leftover alphabet stickers. Quote: there's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it on.  Leo Christopher

And our wild boar, very fine eating in a casserole with a good red 🍷 

And the Christmas tree is up

And most of the cards are addressed & written, just need to get them in the post!