Wednesday 30 January 2019


Well here I am back in snowy Scotland having fun clearing our second fall of snow since our return on Saturday. We have seen more snowfall since getting home then we did the whole time we were in France which was 5 1/2 weeks.  Bill and I decided we weren't skiing this year, time to give our limbs a rest. We spent most afternoons reading in the sunshine, the temperatures being a very pleasant mid to high 20s on most days in full sunshine, heaven!

Blogger is still playing up with my iPad, I need to update the operating system but as the Blogger app has not been updated it will cease to operate if I do! I must learn, make that relearn, how to load photographs using the full site again and then maybe I will get somewhere.

So I'm now going to try and load some photos on here, let us see if I am successful!

No, I keep getting a publishing error message!


The next post may purely be photographs!!!