Tuesday 14 December 2021


 Well I wonder where the past month has gone! We did have a storm & did lose power then water then after that all came back the boiler packed up so no heating. That was hard as we only had 1 electric radiator available to plug in but fortunately a good friend came to the rescue with another one. 

I still managed to find some time to do my art journal though and here’s the ones that I have done in the past month. 

I also decided to put some unused stamps to work and make a concertina booklet of the 12 days of Christmas 

And of course Blogger has uploaded them randomly!!!!

I hope you have all got your Christmas plans in hand and that there’s no last minute panic going on. We are having a quiet time & there’s just the food to collect next week, bliss!

Stay safe from the assorted Covid-19 nasties and see you all soon. 

Friday 12 November 2021


 Our leaves have now mostly gone as we had a rather strong storm at the weekend, the clocks are on GMT again and the weather is rather gloomy though not yet particularly frosty.  I have been in my workroom doing some art journal work, using scraps for the daily prompts which are slowly filling up the blank pages from last year’s journal and also getting inky trying out colour combinations for the new Villainous Potion.

Here’s a sampling of what has been achieved…

This topper has yet to be completed!

One for a girlfriend that’s mad keen on snowmen and skiing!

On Monday I’m due my fly jab & will almost certainly be offered the Covid-19 booster so here’s hoping my arms are not too sore next week. Meanwhile stay safe and stay warm!!!

Friday 5 November 2021


 I caught a post about the Time challenge across at Try It On Tuesday last week and I had just finished a rather nice bottle of wine that had a wonderful label so I duly soaked said label off the bottle which was not an easy matter as the glue that is used now is different from the “old days”!

Anyhow, I pondered what journal to use and remembered that I had started using a Dyan Reaveley one some time ago. It just so happens that I had 1 spread that never had been finished and it’s colours worked with the label…. So some Paper Artsy stamps that had not seen the light of day in a while had an airing as well as my handwriting! The page edge is shaped using one of Dyan’s rulers  

Hope you like it!

Saturday 30 October 2021


 My intention to be here more often is not working very well! I’m glad that there is no roll call.

Anyway, I am now at my desk at sharing what I have been doing recently….

Colour me positive 

Life documented 

Colour me positive 

 a mixed media postcard that was recently sent 

Mixed media morsels colours pages - I’ve been absent from the group for ages. 

I have also made some cards blanks and Christmas!

Using up some scraps…

Maybe I can use this for a male in my life….

Smooshed ink backgrounds 

One for the boys….

More stash that has been used!

A good friend and my stepdaughter have birthdays soon so might be using this

A set of 6 using 2 different background papers 

Another blank card

A last one for the boys!

Hopefully I can get some more cards made soon as I think I might make up some packs to give as gifts for Christmas as I have 3 friends that always love to receive them.

Thanks for looking!