Thursday 29 June 2017


Art prompts galore and we have : starts with T// SCAVENGER: yellow, purple, some squares, draw or doodle with felt pen, 3 magazine images, 3 words that start with the same letter of your fathers name, random pieces of coloured paper scraps, something from a recent shopping trip, a postage stamp, paint.

My dad was called Ken so that made the list of word options a tad shorter than some letters!

At Journal 52 our new prompt is SWEETNESS

Having the taste of sugar or similar substances. Pleasing to the senses. Having a pleasing disposition; lovable, kind. gracious. Synonyms: Sugary, honeyed, candied, luscious, dulcet, lush. Prompt:Explore your feelings about the word ‘sweetness’ or ‘sweet’ in your journal. Invoke the sweetness of first love, summer nights, early life, etc. Oracle:Where is sweetness available to you in your present life? Do you welcome it? Mistrust it? How can you bring more sweetness in? What is sweet within you?

Art journal journey wants to know all about our pets...

Image: pet. Word: companion. Prompt: write about a day in the life of your pet from their perspective. Technique: incorporate teabag or coffee filter paper. Quote a true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.

Life documented 
  1. JULY: the road less travelled/ travelling through life. prompt: use a magazine image you really love.  Technique: add a couple of pieces of scrap paper & stamp the whole page.  Quote: the mind is everything. What you think you become. (Buddha)
The road less travelled: I saved the rambling Boy a few months back as I knew I had a rambling couple, the boots came from the same magazine (National Trust Scotland) they seemed destined to be together and then the other day when looking for a scrap for another project I re-found my signpost and also the card from a friend with the quote "not all who wander are lost " serendipity! This week seemed like a n ideal occasion to use them.

And then we have art journal journey Image: tree. word: nature. prompt: write about your favourite outside space. Technique: collect leaves & glue into your journal.  Quote: look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.  Albert Einstein.
And we have more serendipity in the shape of a tree saved a few years back when adult colouring books first hit the scene, it was an article about a local lady who had her creations printed 

My brother had a very vivid imagination & used to tell tales of Abud who fed bananas to monkeys at the bottom of the garden! I should add at this point that they were actually date trees with no monkeys lol.

Final photo of the post is our new inchie in the shape of a hippo....

Sunday 25 June 2017

A week of technical difficulties

The internet is still not working properly & Bill has been on at the provider again....still trying to get the engineer from BT to check where the line fault is 2 months after we first got onto them & to cap matters my iPad stopped working! What more could go wrong thought I but, touch wood, so far so good.

So here's some of what I've made this week

Colour me positive: Staying grounded. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Journal 52: RIPEN
To make or become ripe. To come into maturity. Synonyms: Age, mellow, come of age, grow up. Prompt: Create a spread about the areas of your life that are currently ‘maturing’ or ‘ripening’. What does it feel like to ‘ripen’? What does it mean to you to ‘come of age’? Oracle: What conditions are needful for a ripening to happen in your life at this time? What is coming into fruit? What isn’t? Where are things just right? Where is more time needed?

Life Documented: Quote: life is the flower for which Love is the honey. Prompt: print & stencil marks on the background. Technique: use doodles to colour in areas.

Art prompts galore JUNE 18-24: Colours of Summer// scavenger:your favourite colour, a complimentary colour to colour above, a list (of anything, of any length) , ink stamping, three flowers , a pocket of some sort, a small tag to put in the pocket, a doodle, a positive uplifting word.

We have a new subject over at the inchie challenge too....LION and I've gone with another button from my stash 

Rudolph Day

The longest day of the year is past, it's now 6 months to Christmas and I've been sticking some of those Christmas cards's my share for the current Rudolph day challenge...

Ive been using some of my received ATCs as my storage was overflowing lol....

Thanks for looking!

Saturday 24 June 2017

Letters & numbers

A new challenge at Try it on Tuesday....and I've been making some birthday cards that just happen to fit the bill so here I am sharing them!

An 18th for my nephew, 80th for my uncle & 90th for my aunt (brother & sister of my mum).

Go and see what the others have been doing at

Sunday 18 June 2017

Midsummer is almost here!

a warm week with assorted garden chores done, friends entertained and journal spreads made - a couple of dark notes...mum's birthday and then Father's Day but hey goes on!
Journal 52
UNFURL: To spread or shake out from a furled state. To unfold. To become unfurled. Synonyms: Unfold, unwind, develop, display, expand, open, spread. Prompt: What is unfurling or unfolding in your life as a result of your creative practice? Create a spread that includes unfurling imagery, like butterfly wings, or tender plants unfurling into blossom. Oracle: What needs to be shaken out so that you can understand it better? Where do you feel you are ‘spreading your wings’? What does unfurling feel like to you.

Art journal journey
Image: utensils. Word: feast. Prompt: menu or shopping list or recipe.  Technique: use alphabet in a creative way.  Quote: a good conscience is a continual feast. Robert Burton

Colour me positive:
What soothes your soul? Is it a hot drink, a glass of wine (preferably not first thing in the morning…lol), doing yoga, going for a walk, meditating, watching your kids play nicely together, while you sit back and watch without them knowing, gardening, stretching, painting, drawing, etc?

This is the pm  version

And the a.m version....

Life documented
Prompt: Doodle around shapes
Challenge: Cut shapes from paper

Quote:There are no mistakes only lessons to be learned. 

Every inchie Monday where we are roaring about tigers!

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Art prompts galore

A new week....a new prompt which was lateowing to the organiser having problems uploading to Facebook!

dark pink, white, something that starts with your mothers first initial, something that is summery, something sticky, something oval shaped, stamping with paint using a random object, something from your stash, some random words or a phrase

I've gone with pink on white stencilling for the background diecut some peas in pods P being my mum's initial as her name was Pam, I've also added peonies, pink flowers and some pink flowered topiary cross stitch which was meant to be a bookmark. The peapods are oval, and sticky thanks to Xyron!  The peonies and peas remind me of summer and everything is from my stash.

Have a good week....

Sunday 11 June 2017

Going forward

ABIDE is the cue word at Journal 52

To remain; continue to stay. To continue in a particular relationship, attitude, relationship, etc. To tolerate. To endure. Synonyms: Accept, tolerate, bear, consent, withstand, live with. Prompt: List what you can and can’t abide. Explore where you are ‘abiding’, and where you are resisting. What does it mean to you to ‘abide’? Oracle:

What do you need to accept and live with that you might not want to? What things have you been tolerating that you can shift or change? How can you better ‘abide’?

A pice of "marine" Paper received in happy mail, new stamps of a mermaid & seaweed, die cut "seaweed " & letter stickers.

Week 24 at Life Documented 

Monthly Theme:  Art Marks and Doodles

Prompt:  To incorporate under paper into your page.

Challenge:  To add art marks and doodles into your page somehow.

Quote: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all ~ Helen Keller

Underpaper & more underpaper, doodles using white Molotow & Gelly roll , Black Sharpie.

Art prompts galore 

PROMPT FOR JUNE 4-10 : MUSIC// Scavenger: yellow, pale blue, song lyrics, rubber stamping, picture of a domestic animal, doodles, random stickers, numbers

I got everything covered here!

Art journal journey have gone with fairy tales for their image, word: story, prompt: write about your favourite fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Technique: use words or images from your favourite children's book. Quote: stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot & remind us of what we haven't yet imagined. (A.L.Watson)

A background that got a wash of gesso, some Paper Artsy stamps, a cut out lady from a magazine & alphabet stickers....

Colour me positive 

A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life
Underpaper, lace stamping, Dyan Raveley colouring book image & quote.

Every inchie Monday 

And our new animal is Zebra.....

Sunday 4 June 2017


Art journal journey week 23

Image: disco ball. Word: party. Prompt: make a list of 10 things that make you smile. Technique: incorporate the colour wheel. Quote: LIFE may not be the party that we hoped for, but while we are here we may as well dance.

I've made a "Colour Wheel" from a large die cut circle & added some windows , used a kiddies box of paints, some dancer images and made my own version of a disco ball by running a circle of metal though my cuttlebug.....added a boom box for the music element!

Life documented week 23

Monthly Theme - Doodles and Marks

Quote - Press forward.  Do not stop, do not linger in your journey but strive for the mark set before you.  George Whitefield. Prompt - Use at least three marks on you page making them numerous times. Technique - Adding the same marks over and over for impact and using a palette knife for added texture. 

An opportune perfume bottle cap & a sheet of doodled book paper on my desk led to this one....I just added some stencilling, stamped with the cap & added the quote to the book paper.

Journal 52 week 22 


All kinds of flowers from my stash including the central(ish) Clematis that is rescued from my art book from when I did my C&G creative embroidery nearly 30 years ago!

Colour me positive week 23

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks,  breaking rules, making mistakes & having fun.

Like my documented life page this was a serendipitous one! A background that was already made , some artpops (the circles) that were a good colour match thanks to the printer being low on black ink, some stamping of Tim Holtz quotes and the seaside images....

Every inchie Monday and we are up to the monkey business this week, a bit like my dog & his current favourite soft toy! Gorilla is the name of the game...