Monday 27 July 2020

Almost August!

Bad girl reporting in.....where have I been? Nowhere in particular, just not checking in with my blog!

Picture heavy so sit back and relax....

I completed #100days on the due date as I did last year, polish my halo lol...

Art journal journey is all about fonts in July 

Life documented 

Colour me positive 

A fun mixed media postcard that has safely arrived 

I’ve finally got to see my I’m no longer as blonde as I was!

Once I put my hair in a French pleat/roll I suddenly feel like I am seeing my own mum again! Weird.

Enough waffle, I’ve spent the best part of the day in the kitchen baking (oatmeal cookies, seeded loaf and a Tarte aux Abricots) it’s been pouring with rain all day & I’m now in need of a cuppa And a trip to blogland to make sure you are all doing well.

Monday 6 July 2020

It’s July

How on earth did it get to be July already? Life seems to have been on hold for so long and today is the day that I should have been heading south to the ferry to Belgium onwards to the chalet for the summer which is not happening btw. Weather is rubbish- a cool 12C and stiff breeze with occasional showers....

Oh well, thank goodness for art to keep me entertained (as well as cooking and jigsaws). 

The #100days is on the final count down with only 9 days to go! Here are the most recent ones...

A little tag I made when playing with a new stamp...

This clematis inspired me for the life documented prompt 

Colour me positive...

Alternative holidays for Art Prompts Galore 

And these have been used to fill up the blank pages from the past 4 years in various journals! I shall be moving into a Kraft one next which was the one I used for Positiv Journal in2015.... waste not, want not as they say lol.

I’m also doing some cards as my pile of paper is still growing....I’ll share those next time!

Stay safe dear friends.....