Sunday 28 February 2016

Last post

No, it's not that I'm closing down my's the last post for February lol.

Colour me positive: live like a grownup, play like a child optional extra circles.

I actually had to skip 3 spreads to get one I could use with the images I was using, they are from a magazine stamp advert and seemed to fit the bill reasonably well - I added some gelli plate circles from my stash & added the stencilled words ACT YOUR SHOE SIZE


Journal 52: that thing you hate / love 

No spiders available to use....ugh! But as I love to see spiderwebs covered in dew I went with nature that I love....die cut tree (thank you Mathy!) flower with bee, golden retriever, irises, bunny, mouse (I don't mind them as long as they are not in the house) vellum flower left over from another project & a tiny lace butterfly. I keep amazing myself at all the wonders I managed to put in my box of treasures :-)

Art prompts galore: balance / out of balance optional extras: words/images beginning in B, bird, orange, group of 3, something cold, illustration from a children's book, something postal related, something round.

Every inchie Monday is towel this week & here you can see a corner of my beach towel spread out on the sand! If only!!!!! We've had more snow this weekend - about 6" :-( hopefully it's the last we will get before its time to head back to Blighty.

Wednesday 24 February 2016


We've got a snow alert for the weekend....appropriate therefore that it's time for Rudolph Day again! Yes, it's been a whole month, I'm still away and still surrounded with the white stuff. We have still not dug out our skis from the cupboard and with only 2 weeks to go before we head back to Scotland I doubt they will see the light of day this year, Bill has signed up for both his golf club memberships & wants to be ready to play with his pals again!

So today I have Christmas cards to share as well as the DLP pages that seem to have slipped through the net..... is where I'm linking these....

Mop up backgrounds & Tim Holtz Blueprint stamps

Crazy Bird & scraps

And my DLP 10 things I should never have done..... Well those will remain a secret between my journal & I, I have added an ATC that I received from a friend a few years ago that seemed appropriate to the theme though!

Under papers + extra stencilling for the background 

Stickers from the stash box for the title!

List....& ATC 

The theme for the PAC this week was gratitude & I took the soft option! Stencilling on more underpaper.

I also decided to do some face doodling on a scrap bit of paper.... I cannot draw!

I NEED practice!

Friday 19 February 2016

Post time

Colour me positive's face your fears challenge came through on Friday morning & I had a rummage through my "holiday" stash....found some bits I could use and set about making my page on the background in my book which is a silvery grey.

An image that includes Tim Holtz/ sizzix clock & the quote Life is an adventure / 2 strips of bugs / a beetle image / an ivory carving of a wild animal (rhino?) / a dinosaur / a couple of partial images from a colouring book of 2 beetles / and an advert for a "dragon maze" that I picked up in the summer. I did a graphite wash around the images & stencilled the title, added some white Uniball around the letters & did a little doodling of wavy lines using the edge of a stencil.

Then came the Journal 52 : the heart knows / skulls. I went with what I could....skulls

The Cinco de Mayo advert actually went reasonably well with the background page that was presenting itself so it seemed like fate. Added some stencilled numbers and title as well as some partial flourishes around the edges.

Art prompts galore were next up with quite a selection: lines, arrows,dots, red, eyes.

I think I managed to cover all the bases with this one!

Lines = washi tape & dotted lines around the tape
Arrows = one to the eye
Dots = stencilled circles, stamped spirals, border to the image of the lady
Red = colour used for the stencilling 
Eyes= she's only got one!

It's amazing what I manage to find in the holiday stash box! I even identified a few items that I could use for another Positiv Journal love/collage page....

The love of a mother for her child and the unknown man that he will become....

And after all that, all that remains is DLP, which I've yet to ponder on, and the latest inchie which I will link on Monday ....


Tuesday 16 February 2016

Positiv Journal

I've been very slack with this journaling site in 2016, in fact, so far I'd done nothing!

They decided to change the format this year...every month there is a book to read & it serves as the basis for the months posts. In all honesty this was not floating my boat!

I cannot remember what the book for January was but the recommendation was to spend at least 30" writing every day as well as doing art. I do keep a diary of sorts & always have so no extra writing for me and I do some form of art post day except when on holiday - some of you will be aware that I'm off on my holidays in France at the moment and there really is only so much you can carry!

Well, I went back through my mailbox to see if I could find the book information and it's a Julia Cameron one "liberez votre creativité" which I think is the "journey to your creative heart"
 This is what I have cobbled together! Random written sections, stamped postcard, postage stamp, notelet.....

A new theme this month did involve love, so although I've not got the book by Thich Nhat Hahn " enseignements sur l'amour" or even read it, I decided that I would put a page together with some of the bits I have lurking in my stash box as the technique required was collage.....

I may yet get to grips with the new format but I don't see myself doing 4 weeks or a whole  booklet on any of these themes!


This week we have to do a PAC in shades of one colour.... As I'd not used reds/pinks for Valentine so far I thought I'd better! Also I had some small hearts that had been punched from a paint swatch lol.

An advert for the Nutcracker ballet that had been sitting in the stash box also found a home as the colours seem to blend nicely.

I drew around the plastic heart mask with 4 different watercolour pencils for the background - added some stencilling, some shade de border segments and my PAC which, oops, is not very straight!

Sunday 14 February 2016


Aching arms from digging! We had snow all day Friday and all day Saturday - I've lost count of the number of times I cleared the access to the chalet! Thank goodness we are on the level & don't have access stairs as well. 
Thanks to the weather I was at home & indoors a lot and got my journal pages done....

Colour me positive: with all your heart
I know! Not the traditional red hearts here! I used the next page in my journal which just happened to be shades is sage/gold, added a die cut scrap, an ATC dating back to February 2008 from Katherine Dunn, drew around a plastic heart with a water soluble pencil, added some domed heart stickers in shades of pink & my Tim Holtz cargo stencil came out again....That was Friday morning!

Journal 52: self care

 And here I used the next page....shades of blue acrylic paint & a TWC stencil + black paint.

I wrote with my white  signs pen, added white dots to the black pods, tiny black circles around the pods and some extra circles that I have at times coloured in with turquoise & lime green Staedler fine liner. That happened in the afternoon.

Art prompts galore was late posting the theme but I took care of that one Saturday afternoon before going to one of the local hostleries to watch the rugby. The theme was hearts of course, what else could it be in Valentines week!

I used a piece from a card in the top corner, I was still trying to go with the ATC format, added an assortment of hearts that had been die-cut from book pages.
I outlined with a water soluble graphite pencil & did lots of fake quilting around the hearts.

Finally, I have my inchie for the new week which is beer, a free stamp from a few years ago!

I've dug out the car again, the digger driver cleared 3 adjacent slots so we all moved & reparked and now I have the afternoon clear to make a start on my DLP challenge because, yes, you guessed correctly, it's snowing!

Thanks for looking 

Tuesday 9 February 2016


A new theme for February love without hesitation
This week we have taking the leap as our theme, make your monthly divider & month to view/week to view as well as incorporate thread or floss in your PAC 

Divider & month to view

It was Super Bowl on Sunday & I had these pictures....they do leap about a lot!

This little guy has been added to my happy mail gelli print PAC & I've stitched so knitting ribbon down 2 sides - also added so randomly painted & stamped sticky labels.

So far my limited stash has not let me down!

See you all again soon.

Monday 8 February 2016


I've not managed to locate my slippers inchie so I've make all time favourites are flip flops in the summer and I am very happy to possess a pair of shearling ones: sheepskin footbed & suede upper in 2 tones of grey. I have winter ones too that the shop sells as "wicked good"

Summer wicked good slippers

Winter wicked good lodge boots


Sunday 7 February 2016


Sunday is here again and so is the snow! We were promised snow for the local half term holidays & we've got it....about 8" so far today and it's still coming down. Here's a picture I pinched from a friend that lives in a chalet behind us!

I've put the time to good use though as I have done most of my journaling challenges :-)

Colour me positive: be kind

Cargo stencil to the rescue + some doodling inside the letters, I've used tan & brown fine line felt tip pens & a ruler for the border. I fully intend to add some flat sequins when I get back to my stash.

Art prompts galore: music/quote 

The quote is very apt as I love listening to Radio Nostalgie which is a French radio channel that I can get on the Internet at home. Mainly music from the 60s & 70s which is when I was at boarding school in the French Alps. The sheet music is a song that was played a lot when I used to travel to the Middle East at school holiday time so all in all, these two where made to go together (in my head if nobody else's!)

Journal 52 above my head or under my feet

This was a no brainer! Snow coming out the sky & snow under foot..... My background page also just happened to be shades of grey & silver - a real coincidence! I've added one of the very first ATCs that I ever received, a gesso ground & stitched tree with bugle beads.

I seem to have lost the picture that relates to this weeks inchie (slippers)  and DLP is on hold - I've only done part of the challenge.- the monthly divider & month to view.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.....thanks for looking & hopefully commenting, I hope to see you again soon.